Hello World! – because we couldn’t figure out a better way to announce our first blog post

We started the day hoping to take over the world with Cupick. Sadly, someone cut the internet wire at office and we couldn’t start with our masterplan. After all, it’s the internet that holds every strand of our planet together. They cut our umbilical cord and we were lost.

So we decided to head to Justin’s place to get some work done. Shaishav was mildly surprised to see that the house was extremely tidy. Fortunately he didn’t venture into Justin’s room. Having setup a working space and gaining momentum on world domination, the internet decided to head out for a lunch break. I must say, there is something very wrong with the ACT connection on the entire Indiranagar Double Road. My ex-colleagues at Sportskeeda could vouch for that.

A sumptuous lunch later, the internet waddled back in and we began getting shit done.

Cupick is very close to launch. We’re in the final stages of testing, tweaking and making sure there’s a red carpet laid out for you when we launch. While we do think there’s miles to go before we can say we have a truly magnificent product, our bare-bones platform is pretty decent (we’re being modest).

The whole philosophy behind the creation of Cupick was empowerment of women…erm…we mean empowerment of artists. The entire framework, from ground-up, was built keeping in mind the requirements of an artist. Each feature was carefully planned after talking to a number of creative people who shared their thoughts and provided constructive criticism.

To test waters, we launched our invite page last month and have received a favorable response with artists from all over the world signing up, writing in and giving us a pat on the back. Nothing like appreciation to keep the engine running.

When Cupick launches in about 2 weeks time, we’ll be going live with features that should simplify the process of selling art (for anyone who creates visual stuff)

Features available at launch should allow you to:

– Create a profile: A clean customizable profile which also doubles up as a neat portfolio page which enables you to link to your other online profiles on Behance, Dribbble, deviantArt, Facebook, Twitter etc.
– Manage product uploads: It’s simple as searching for your .png or .jpg files on your computer and hitting the upload button.
– Sell your artwork: We’ve made it easy for artists to decide products on which they’d like to see their work sold. They can also choose NOT to make their work for sale and use Cupick solely as a host for their portfolio. We’re nice like that.
– Set your own pricing: If there’s one thing we’ve realised, it’s that artists never get their due. We decided that, on Cupick, an artist chooses how much he/she earns from the sale of their artwork by setting the price of every product.
– Social: Unobtrusive notifications helping you keep track of people loving your work and new followers; Connect to Facebook and Twitter and let your fans know you’ve uploaded something new.
– Simple analytics: Track sales and earnings; See how many views and loves on your artwork
– Image protection: Auto addition of meta information, Auto-watermarking, Download protection
– Payments: Withdraw money anytime to your bank account or through paypal; keep track of withdrawals and earnings through our payments history feature.

We’re hoping that with Cupick beta, we’ve covered the essentials of creating a portfolio to sell art. On the customer side, the experience is simple given the minimal interface. The art is in focus and an enthusiast can browse through collections based on interest and moods.

Cupick will forever be in a state of evolution. We’d love to take in suggestions and feedback to improve our overall product. You can also send in words of encouragement, hugs and other niceties. Or buy us a chilled beer.

No child beers.


Child bears?


Maybe child bears are ok; they’re cute after all.


In a couple of days, after we’ve finished with a few changes, we’ll have a couple of screenshots up for sneak peek at our website. Cheers till then.


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