Cupick Tutorials: Uploading an artwork

Cupick allows you to upload images of your artwork. These are then processed onto various products. Watch our video tutorial to learn more about uploading onto the platform. We have also shared a few tips and best practices to maximize visibility and appeal to customers.

A summary of best practices

  • Improve visibility of your artwork: Add a good title. Describe your work. Tag your art to maximize discoverability on Cupick.
  • Upload non-watermarked images. Images with watermarks have a reduced chance of selling. Your work will be processed to a lower resolution for display on our website. In addition, use our auto-watermark tool available in Account Settings.
  • Use the highest possible resolution while uploading. This allows customers to buy larger prints. We accept files upto 50Mb in JPEG and PNG formats. Read more about minimum image resolutions for various products here.
  • Price reasonably. You are free to price as you wish, but remember, too high a price may dissuade potential buyers.
  • Enable social sharing. Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts and let your friends and fans know you’ve added something new to Cupick.

We hope you’ve found this tutorial useful. If you have any questions, require assistance or would like to request for a specific tutorial, do write to hello[at] We’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for your time. Have a great day!


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