Cupick is now open to public

Design for Kashmir on Cupick

We’re proud to announce that Cupick is now open to public. Dive right in and find yourself something beautiful here.

Over the last two months, as a private, invite-only community, we’ve had fantastic response from artists all over the world and decided it was time to showcase their creativity to a larger audience. We’re now a community of 250+ artists and growing. We’d like to thank everyone for being a part of our efforts to empower visual artists and making art accessible as consumables.

Recently, large areas of Kashmir were devastated by unprecedented floods that have caused loss of lives and extensive damage affecting hundreds of thousands of people. To help the Kashmiri people in their moment of plight, a wonderful group of visual artists banded together to form a collective called Design for Kashmir, which will contribute original artwork from it members toward raising funds for the rehabilitation and rebuilding of affected people and areas.

Cupick aims to make art accessible and we hope you’ll discover beautiful art that you can enjoy and consume.


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