We want to grow the Cupick community and we need your help!

Cupick opened to the public today. We’re extremely happy to share this milestone with you; it is your’s as much as ours. We’d like to thank you for the enthusiastic support that we’ve received from day one.

The last 2 months have been a great learning for us. We’ve worked on some of the suggestions we received and are making Cupick an even more beautiful to share and discover art. We need your support to build on this community. Cupick grows with you.

Here are some ways you could let people know about your work on Cupick:

1. Connect your Facebook and Twitter personal account or page to Cupick (we’ll never post without your permission)
– In Account Settings under Auto-Share to Social Media connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Share artwork uploaded with your network by letting people know when you upload a new artwork. You can also support other artists by sharing your activity on Cupick when you follow an artist, love their work or buy from them.


2. Share your profile with your family, friends and fans.

Let the everyone know you’re on Cupick. Just share your profile page with people you know.
If you’re not sure of the URL, just head to Account Settings and select My Profile.

3. If you have a Facebook page, a blog or your own website, update it so that people can find you on Cupick.

4. Complete your profile. People who visit your profile would love to know more about you. Tell them about you; add your website, blog and social profiles.

5. Do you have an artist friend who’d love to use Cupick? We’d be happy to share an invite. Write to hello@cupick.com

Keep yourself notified of people loving, following and buying your work. You can control your email notification settings to help you keep track of your artwork on Cupick.

We’d love your feedback, opinions and recommendations. Write us.


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