She evolves surreal cogitations and mirrors them with a brush on a sheet. Rachna Ravi, a painter from Delhi, turns figments of imagination into intriguing animate stories. We cannot help but witness the fascinating ways Rachna presents her paintings; her ideas unconventional and undeterred.

In a conversation with her, Rachna talks to us about her inspiration, her style, and how coping with procrastination seems to be of a despicable task.


Hey there, Rachna, glad to have this chat with you, tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.  

I’m from Kerala, but I was born and brought up here in Delhi. Currently pursuing BFA in Applied Art from the College of Arts, New Delhi. I live with my two cats.

How did you stumble upon art? Share with us your story of the prodigious beginning.

I didn’t really ‘stumble’ upon art. It was kind of always there. I was never really into sports or other school activities. Was always too scared, and still am, to go up on stages and do that kind of stuff. I have been drawing since I can remember.

I notice that your paintings are a reflection of a state of mind, surreal and beautiful. Familiarize us to your style; define it to us.

I honestly don’t know how to define my style. It’s the only way I know how to use brushes, I think. I usually get fixated on one thing and/or a subject. The whole drawing + painting process is very instinctive. I never plan an illustration thoroughly.

xox by Rachna Ravi | Cupick
xox by Rachna Ravi | Cupick
~ by Rachna Ravi | Cupick
~ by Rachna Ravi | Cupick

Does your artwork reflect any special cultural traits? Do you include inspirations from your surroundings in your work?

Special cultural traits? No, like I said, I never plan it and it’s mostly instinctive. Even if it does reflect any, it’s usually unintentional. I draw inspiration from almost everything around me. People, objects, music, other artists, photographs, movies etc etc

Paint for us the flow of your creative process, how long does it take you from ideation to the finished product?

I don’t really have a fixed pattern. Usually I feel like and sit down to draw..I just end up drawing something. Sometimes I leave it for later to paint. Sometimes I paint it immediately and finish the whole damn thing the same day. Sometimes I complete it over days or weeks or even months.


What are the tools that you use to get the desired outcome?

Pencils, brushes and poster paints. Sometimes I use water colours, ink or acrylics but almost all of the work I do, is in poster paints.

You are a South Indian living in Delhi, how influential is your origin from Kerala, does it reflect in your artwork?

Very little, I think. I get fascinated by little odd things I see and usually have the urge to put it down on paper. It doesn’t make a difference if I saw it in Kerala or on the internet.

for r by Rachna Ravi | Cupick
for r by Rachna Ravi | Cupick


Where do you draw inspiration? Are there any artists whose work has helped you grow as an artist yourself?

Everything around me, I guess. Photographs from the internet, other artists’ work, people, what they say, movies, music, lyrics etc. Everybody is drawn to certain things. I just try and draw whatever I’m drawn to.

We would love to have a peek-a-boo at your work station, see the place where all the magic happens.

Rachna Ravi's Workstation | Cupick
Rachna Ravi’s Workstation | Cupick

How do you manage to divide time between personal projects and commercial work?

Oh I’m horrible at time management. I’m just really, really bad at it. I should fix that though.

According to you, which is your greatest artwork so far? 

None. I like a couple of my works though.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, what’s your idea of fun? What’s the very thing you do when you flip out of exhaustion at work?

Smoke one.

Procrastination- how would you define your relationship with it? And how do you deal with it?

A very, very close one and I don’t :s

If you could have any one superpower, what would it be?

Not a superpower but an eidetic memory.

What does success mean to you?

Don’t know yet.

Tell us about your association with Cupick thus far.

It has been quite nice. I like how Shaishav and Justin interact with the artists on an almost personal level.

- by Rachna Ravi | Cupick
– by Rachna Ravi | Cupick
bucket list by Rachna Ravi | Cupick
bucket list by Rachna Ravi | Cupick
- by Rachna Ravi | Cupick
– by Rachna Ravi | Cupick

Visit Rachna Ravi on Cupick to check out more of her work.



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