Vishesh Sharma weaves  visions and interpretations of his surroundings into a mysterious tapestry, adorned with his unrestrained imagination. Guided by an insatiable need to unearth the secrets of the universe abound, Vishesh creates an expanse of possibilities. It is only a matter of time before the mind wanders into the realm of this inexplicable entity.

In a conversation with us, Vishesh reveals his inspirations, his affinity for travel and an unassailable pride in his mustache.


Hello, Vishesh, a delight to have this conversation with you, tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

Born and brought up in Delhi, I have been on this planet for 23 years now. It has been one hell of a ride and will continue to be so.  Last year, I got my commercial pilot license,  to fulfill my creative needs I do art.

How did you first find your passion for art? 

As a teenager, I realized it is not always easy to express oneself in words, I found my refuge in music and visual communication.

We find your visual interpretations very intriguing. What inspires your style?

My daily musings. I tend to portray whatever state I’m in, mental and also geographical, If I’m in the city then my art would be chaotic and restless. If I’m in the mountains or beside the sea, the art would express the serenity and calmness.



Kiss by Vishesh Sharma | Cupick
Kiss by Vishesh Sharma | Cupick
Kiss thy Snake by Vishesh Sharma | Cupick
Kiss thy Snake by Vishesh Sharma| Cupick

Are there any artists within India and/or beyond whose artwork has contributed to your artistic vision?

Salvador Dali has highly inspired me and Jim Morrison saved my life.

Talk us through your creative process. How long does it take you from ideation to the finished product?
Minutes, Hours, weeks, months, years and still some of them just remain unfinished.

We are excited to know about the projects you are working at the moment, could you give us a brief insight into it?

Currently exploring, I’m trying to find a particular style which I’m comfortable with.

Jester and the Thief by Vishesh Sharma | Cupick
Jester and the Thief by Vishesh Sharma| Cupick

How do you manage to divide time between personal projects and commercial work?
I don’t work commercially, art is for my leisure.

Does music play a significant role while you’re at work? What are the top three songs in your playlist right now?
Music plays a crucial role in my life, like I said, Jim Morrison saved my life. These days I’m experimenting with a lot of electronic music, currently listening to Hold my hand – Unkle, Pink Floyd and The Doors (among many others) are always on my playlist.

Goddess by Vishesh Sharma | Cupick
Goddess by Vishesh Sharma| Cupick

With internet bringing the world together, do you think art is becoming more mainstream in India?
Yes, Internet is bringing the world together, No I don’t think art is becoming mainstream in India. Art is not for everyone, a huge number of population of India is struggling for survival, I don’t think they have time for the art we are talking about, but I’m sure everyone has a way of expressing themselves.

If there was only one place in the world you could travel to, where would you go?
I would get lost in the Himalayas.

Stoned by Vishesh Sharma | Cupick
Stoned by Vishesh Sharma| Cupick

                                                            “ART IS FOR MY LEISURE”

According to you, what is your greatest work so far?

My mustache.

What does success mean to you?
A better mustache.

What would your advice be for budding artists?
I’m a budding artist myself, but my advice to everyone whether an artist or not is to get rid of the boxes in your head, break free. Be fearless.

How has the journey been with Cupick thus far?
I ❤ Cupick. It is a great idea, executed flawlessly. It has help me reach a wider audience and sell my work.

Crocs and Flowers by Vishesh Sharma | Cupick
Crocs and Flowers by Vishesh Sharma| Cupick



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