Cupick offers artists a wide range of features to build their portfolio and get their work noticed. These tutorials will help you make the most of the tools at your disposal.

Mentioned below are a few tips to help you get your artwork noticed and increase sales. You are most welcome to share any tips of your own in the comments.

Tag your artwork appropriately

The best way to ensure that your work is found is to use relevant tags, titles and descriptions. At Cupick, you have the option to use custom tags along with suggested tags. Try searching for keywords through the search bar on Cupick and other search engines. This is quite an effective way to figure out what search terms customers use when looking for specific artwork. Using tags based on these keywords will maximize your visibility not only on Cupick but also on all search engines.

Upload non-watermarked images.

Images with watermarks have a reduced chance of selling. Your work will be processed to a lower resolution for display on our website. In addition, use our auto-watermark tool available in Account Settings.



Upload High-Resolution Images for more product options

Cupick offers you the option of making your artwork available in multiple sizes and as multiple products. High resolution uploads automatically enable multiple size art prints, posters and canvas prints.

If you need to scan your work before uploading, you need to keep a few things in mind.

If the document is that of a simple line drawing with few details then scanning at 200dpi would be absolutely fine, as it will capture all the details you need for print without being too large in size.

If your image is more detailed then it can depend; if the image contains a lot of heavily intricate details akin to an oil or watercolour painting then 300dpi+ would be recommended to capture every single detail on the image.

Find out more about the format and resolution requirements for uploads here.

Use a PNG file with a transparent background for tshirts/hoodies

Here’s a simple tutorial in case you are unfamiliar with the process.

Follow other artists

Following other artists is a great way to mutually gain followers. Many Cupick users are non-artists who receive notifications of the activity the artists engage in. Reaching out to them is a great way to gain visibility. Similarly, using the Love Artwork feature, makes you visible to a lot of potential followers.

Complete your profile

A complete profile goes a long way in attracting more followers. Write an engaging description for your profile,add links to your websites, social media handles etc. This can be done via Online Presence under the Account Settings option on your profile drop-down menu.





We must point out the correct method to add links to your social profile. The picture below represents a very common error.

The Incorrect Way
The Correct Way

Include a link to your Cupick portfolio on your website/social media handles

If you have profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr etc, include a link to your Cupick portfolio. Let your followers find you.

Build your Portfolio

Building your portfolio and adding artwork regularly will attract new followers and potential buyers.We feature artworks by our artists on all our social media handles. We also dedicate a week to promote the artworks of one particular artist. Keeping your portfolio updated increases your chances of being featured and reaching out to a large audience. Below is a great example of what we’re talking about.

Saloni Sinha | Cupick


Saloni’s portfolio contains a good number of artworks and has higher chances of being featured and attracting new followers.

Choose the best product for your art

Some artwork may not be suitable for some products. It is not necessary to make your artwork available as tshirts and hoodies. Remember that we’re on the lookout for new product lines and will keep updating them so you have a variety of options to choose from.

Price reasonably.

You are free to price as you wish, but remember, too high a price may dissuade potential buyers.

Enable social sharing.

Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts and let your friends and fans know you’ve added something new to Cupick.


Following these tips should contribute some momentum to your plans to engage a new audience. Keep an eye out for more tips from us and if you have some of your own, do share.


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