Not a fan of those unsightly marks left on your furniture, post a drink? We’ve got just the thing for you. Coasters! This brand new addition to Cupick’s line of products is bound to provide stained surfaces some respite, besides being fine works of art.

Did we mention that coasters make the perfect gift?  With Friendship Day just around the corner, why not pick a few up for friends?

We’ve compiled a list of quirky artworks from artists all over the world, to help you out. ( The list is in no particular order and is not exhaustive)

                                                                            Rachna Ravi

Rachna Ravi, a painter from Delhi, turns figments of imagination into intriguing animate stories. We cannot help but witness the fascinating ways Rachna presents her paintings; her ideas unconventional and undeterred.

Artwork by Rachna Ravi
Artwork by Rachna Ravi

Discover more of Rachna’s work here.

Kritika Trehan

Kritika’s  main interests lie in Illustration, and visual communication. We were quite amazed with the intriguing combination of humour and sarcasm, she presents in her art.

Streelung:Pullung by Kritika Trehan

Discover more of Kritika’s work here.

Annushka Hardikar

Annushka enjoys illustrating people, food, animals and places. She is also very enthusiastic about exploring the world as is evident from her artwork.

Candied Utopia by Annushka Hardikar

Discover more of Annushka’s work here.

Pradeesh K.

Pradeesh’s simple and minimal style binds together the traditional and contemporary. He brings the past back to life with an infusion of colours.

Mera Zamana Gaya by Pradeesh K.

Discover more of Pradeesh’s work here.

Charbak Dipta

Charbak Dipta takes us through his journey of expressing himself through various mediums, with the ultimate destination, his illustrations which are a departure from convention.

Alien Leela by Charbak Dipta

Discover more of Charbak’s work here.

Fiza Khan

Drawing inspiration from mythology, Fiza imparts a fierce sense of rebellion and compassion to her art, letting them voice her thoughts. Her representation of deities remains rooted in tradition.

Kaali by Fiza

Discover more of Fiza’s work here.


Barruf a.k.a Cedric is a self-taught artist from Barcelona who fell in love with art (specially with illustration and paint). Always on the lookout for new experiences, Barruf loves to portray and share his visions of the world.

French Bulldog With Arc de Triomphe by Barruf

Discover more of Barruf’s work here.

Vamsi Krishna

Vamsi Krishna is freestyle photographer and digital artist. Though his artwork is geometric and minimalistic, there is an unusually organic quality to it that mirrors the nature it draws inspiration from.

Creation by Vamsi Krishna
Creation by Vamsi Krishna

 Discover more of Vamsi’s work here.

  Alessandro Aru

Alessandro Aru is an illustrator and graphic artist from Milan.His minimalist artwork is a humorous tribute to popular culture.

Have A Nice Weekend by Alessandro Aru

Discover more of Alessandro’s work here.

                                                                              Vibha Jindal

Vibha is an illustrator and graphic artist based in Chandigarh. She celebrates everything fun and quirky with her typographical tributes.

Hungama by Vibha Jindal

Discover more of Vibha’s work here.

                                                                             Andy Westface

Andy Westface is a freelance illustrator based in Hong Kong. His artwork exudes warmth and intimacy with heartfelt messages of friendship.

Best Friend by Andy Westface

Discover more of Andy’s work here.

                                                                            Praveen Kumar

Praveen is Graphic/UI/game artist based in Bangalore. Through his artwork, he offers an engaging contemporary take on mythology.

Yakshaa by Praveen Kumar

Discover more of Praveen’s work here.

                                                                            Dominic Black

Dominic is an illustrator and comic book artist based in Seattle. He conjures up  a dark and mysterious universe that inspires fear, yet commands awe.

Pawn to E4 by Dominic Black

   Discover more of Dominic’s work here.


Deepak Reuel & Nicoline Rodrigues indulge in artwork for intense trippers. As Realm, they recreate H.P. Lovecraft’s most celebrated creation.

Cthuluh Rising by Realm

Discover more of Realm’s work here.

                                                                        Rajarshi Goswami

Rajarshi Goswami is a doodler by passion and a consultant by profile. You’ll need to look closely at his wonderfully intricate doodles to decipher all that’s been incorporated.

Benedict Cumberbatch by Rajarshi Goswami

Discover more of Rajarshi’s work here.

                                                                    Nrithya Mixel Randhir

Nrithya is a freelance photographer based in Bangalore, specializing in portraits, but also with a keen interest in food, spaces, products and studio work. Her portraits let the beauty of nature spring forth.

Gerbera by Nrithya Mixel Randhir

Discover more of Nrithya’s work here.

                                                                                 Trinath Sen

Trinath Sen is an artist with particular interests in oil paintings and charcoal sketches. Through his artwork, he deftly captures the enduring beauty of the ethereal.

Kiss In The Rain by Trinath Sen

Discover more of Trinath’s work here.

                                                                                Sai Charan

Sai is a self confessed movie buff, music freak and day dreamer. His artwork is a tribute the very things he loves.

Reservoir Dogs by Sai Charan

Discover more of Sai’s work here.

                                                                       Shreyaa Krritika Das

Shreyaa brings some delightful cheer with her endearingly minimal design. We can’t help but absorb the happiness.

Vacation by Shreyaa Krritika Das

Discover more of Shreyaa’s work here.

                                                                                Binny Malik

Binny ventures into the spiritual, evoking a sense of peace and calm amidst a landscape of chaos. His artwork reveals a deep reverence for tradition.

Sadhu Man by Binny Malik

Discover more of Binny’s work here.

                                                                            Igor Posternak

Igor is a graphic artist from Latvia. We find his artwork below one of the most hauntingly beautiful representations of the world of Hannibal Lecter.

Hannibal by Igor Posternak

Discover more of Igor’s work here.

                                                                      Roshan Kurichiyanil

Roshan Kurichiyanil, artist,animator and storyteller based in Trivandrum brings forth a revered nostalgia with his portrait of Prem Nazir fondly known as the Nithya Haritha Nayakan (Ever Green Hero) of Malayalam cinema.

Evergreen Hero by Roshan Kurichiyanil

Discover more of Roshan’s work here.

                                                                     Harvey H. Warwick III

Harvey, an artist based in USA, creates artwork that revels in the inexplicable.How do you find your way out when you perceive no end?

Fractal Fantasy by Harvey H. Warwick III

Discover more of Harvey’s work here.

                                                                             Afanur Rashid

Afanur is a painter,artist and illustrator. With lots of experience in Fine Art, Graphic Design and Digital Illustration, Afanur paints a portrait of wonder through his ministrations.

Balloon City by Afanur Rashid

Discover more of Afanur’s work here.

                                                                           Vishesh Sharma

Vishesh’s artwork creates such mystery, it is only a matter of time before the mind wanders into the realm of this inexplicable entity.

Blue Eyes by Vishesh Sharma

Discover more of Vishesh’s work here.

                                                                       Pedro Soares Filipe

Pedro constructs the wanderings of his imagination. Structure and geometry bring forth a sense of resolution and harmony.

Crucible by Obvious Warrior

Discover more of Pedro’s work here.

                                                                                Jerry Sauls

Art and the natural world have been the driving forces that have shaped Jerry’s life and career. Though his artwork, Jerry captures the essence of adventure, of the reckless need to explore beyond one’s imagination.

Atlantic Crossing by Jerry Sauls

Discover more of Jerry’s work here.


Loujah is a self-taught artist based in France. Her delicately crafted artwork exemplifies the beauty of nature.

The Wolf by LouJah

Discover more of LohJah’s work here.

                                                                           Archana Aravind

Archana Aravind is a freelance graphic artist who is extremely passionate about art and believe that it is the quintessential essence of human life. Through her art, Archana ponders the existent dichotomy of nature.

Want To Be Dead or Alive by Archana Aravind

Discover more of Archana’s work here.

                                                                        Neelakshi Rathore

Neelakshi draws to  remember, to turn the everyday and mundane into yellow, orang(e)-y memories. Fascinated by her surroundings, she revels in capturing their beauty.

Starry Nights by Neelakshi Rathore

Discover more of Neelakshi’s work here.

                                                                   Shaizia Jifri Manekshaw

Shaizia is  an illustrator who wears many hats. Her work in inspired by her life rich with mad and different experiences.

Star Dust by Shaizia Jifri Manekshaw

Discover more of Shaizia’s work here.


PenciLove is  design studio based out of Bangalore, that deals with all things art from canvas paintings, digital posters,logos to wall murals. There art  incorporated pop art peppered with humour.

I Shoot by PenciLove

Discover more of PenciLove’s work here.

                                                                             Mahek Shaikh

Mahek is an Art, Music, Fashion and Film enthusiast based in Mumbai. Her artwork is as mesmerizing  as looking into a kaleidoscope for the very first time.

Cacophony by Mahek Shaikh

Discover more of Mahek’s work here.

                                                                            Divya Suvarna

Divya Suvarna is an engineer by academics but illustration is her forte and solace. She loves putting her broken visions on paper to see the worlds they unfold. Or bringing together a story and world belonging to another.

Paradox by Divya Suvarna

Discover more of Divya’s work here.


Durro is a self taught digital graphic artist from Croatia. In his work he combines different styles that include edited photos and illustrations. His artwork often combine retro astronauts and animals and some pop art style work.

I’ll Taste the Sky by Durro

Discover more of Durro’s work here.

                                                                          Pia Schneider

Pia Schneider is an artist based in Germany. Her unusual and intriguing representation of nature has us hooked.

Trees V by Pia Schneider

Discover more of Pia’s work here.

                                                                           Varsha Vijayan

Varsha recreates her favourites from the fictional world of popular culture. We cannot help but fall in love with her incredibly detailed artwork.

Daenerys by Varsha Vijayan

Discover more of Varsha’s work here.

                                                                              Duende Lobo

Duende Lobo is an artist based in Hyderabad. He paints an abstract picture of dis-similar elements yet depicting harmony.

Artwork by Duende Lobo

Discover more of Duende’s work here.

                                                                        Vasundhara Prakash

For Vasundhara, her method of using fragments, memories and moods is purely intuitive. It is amply evident from her artwork that she takes inspiration from and endevours to explore the nuances of being a woman.

Artwork by Vasundhara Prakash

Discover more of Vasundhara’s work here.

                                                                           Haidi Shabrina

Haidi Shabrina is freelance illustrator based in Indonesia. Her artwork is a subtle, pastel hued reminder of nature’s beauty.

The Happy Forest Friend by Haidi Shabrina

Discover more of Haidi’s work here.

                                                                              I HATE PIPOL

Pipo Ruiz is  a Mexican illustrator,  a lover of sarcasm and colors. Through his artwork he attempts to  express  a transition between beauty, death, and colors and that at the end of the day everything is connected.

This is Me by I HATE PIPOL

Discover more of Pipo’s work here.

                                                                               Sonika Sil

Sonika is a student in the field of graphic design, who likes experimenting with text, colour and visuals. With an eye for the unusual, Sonika explores the nature of inhibition.

Undress by Sonika Sill

Discover more of Sonika’s work here.

                                                                            Mounica Tata

Mounica Tata’s illustrations are influenced by the drama of everyday life. The funny, the wacky and the oh-so-dramatic, all find an audience through her art.

Ronald Weasley and the Fuzzy Spider by Mounica Tata

Discover more of Mounica’s work here.

                                                                            Aroop Mishra

Aroop is an engineering student who loves to draw. Taking inspiration from cartoon and caricatures, Aroop employs a tongue-in-cheek humour that will leave you in splits!

High or Die by Aroop Mishra

Discover more of Aroop’s work here.


Jorge Carbajal is an illustrator and vector artist based in Mexico. An avid football lover, his art is often focused on bringing to life all that he loves.

Behind the Fire and Blood Targaryen by Akyanyme

Discover more of Jorge’s work here.

                                                                       Richie Montgomery

The surrealist art of Richie Montgomery is reminiscent of the creations of M.C. Escher and Salvador Dali. Richie creates a world of mind-boggling illusion, one which we do not mind losing ourselves in.
Manipulation by Richie Montgomery

Discover more of Richie’s work here.

                                                                Satya Krishna Prakash K

Satya Krishna Prakash is an animator and graphic designer. His caricatures contain a healthy dose of sarcasm and are downright hilarious.

Spirit Within by Satya Krishna Prakash K

Discover more of Satya’s work here.


Winya is an illustrator and graphic artist based in Thailand. With Gothic elements in combination with very detailed artwork, Winya creates an irresistible  escape into another dimension.coaster25

Artwork by Winya

Discover more of Winya’s work here.

                                                                               Arka Baidya

Arka’s minimalist art is a tribute to popular culture. Inspired by music, movie, environment and society, Arka depicts a myriad of emotions through his simple design.

An Apple a Day by Arka Baidya

Discover more of Arka’s work here.

                                                                          Rushmi Prakash

Rushmi is a designer and a freelance illustrator. She enjoys mixing her  influences and styles quite extensively, giving birth to fascinating works of art.

Camel by Rush

Discover more of Rushmi’s work here.

                                                                         Vivek Mandrekar

Vivek Mandrekar is a self-taught artist based in Mumbai. His hyper-realistic portraits are a treat for art lover and movie buffs alike.

Leonardo DiCaprio Scribble by Vivek Mandrekar

Discover more of Vivek’s work here.

                                                                            Deepika Prasad

Deepika Prasad is a freelance illustrator and surface pattern designer based in Bangalore. Her passion for patterns gives us art a a very intimate character. Her series of uplifting messages is sure to brighten up your day.

Keep Going by Deepika Prasad

Discover more of Deepika’s work here.


Sreeraj is a graphic artist, product designer and photographer based in Bangalore. He takes inspiration from everyday culture and represents his thoughts through his minimalist design.

Ho Ho Ho by Sreeraj

Discover more of Sreeraj’s work here.

                                                                     Rathee Ramani Iyer

Rathee Ramani Iyer is an artist based in Chennai. Incessantly knocking upon the fine line between reality and fantasy, Rathee creates a world of distorted yet beautiful and mesmerizing harmony.

Heroine by Rathee Ramani Iyer

Discover more of Rathee’s work here.

                                                                            Steve Bonello

Steve Bonello a.k.a Mister Mojo Risin is an illustrator and cartoonist based in Malta. The effortless monotony of his artwork, permeates with light hearted humour.

Passion Garden by Mister Mojo Risin

Discover more of Steve’s work here.

                                                                             Satyaki Sarkar

Satyaki loves to draw, paint and explore anything and everything that intrigues him. He draws inspiration from hi s surroundings, which he looks upon with the wonder of a newborn.

Sunset City by Satyaki Srakar

Discover more of Satyaki’s work here.

                                                                     Vrushali Somavanshi

Vrushali is an artist based in Mumbai. She enjoys working with intricate motifs and extravagant detail, drawing inspiration from everything traditional to create art that is essentially modern.

La vie en rose by Vrushali Somavanshi

Discover more of Vrushali’s work here.

                                                                            Divya George

Divya George is an illustrator who loves drawing animals and creating characters. She creates comics, character designs and illustrations for picture books and is always on the lookout for new and exciting projects.

Wasn’t Me by Divya George

Discover more of Divya’s work here.

                                                                       Swathi Viswanath

Swathi is an animator, illustrator and graphic artist based in Ahmedabad. Through her artwork, Swathi explores mythology and the power of unity.

The Half by Swathi Vishwanath

Discover more of Swathi’s work here.

                                                                           Sandhya Prabhat

Sandhya Prabhat is an independent animator/illustrator from Chennai, India. Her illustrations often portray the intimacy and innocence of friendship.

Friends by Sandhya Prabhat

Discover more of Sandhya’s work here.

                                                                           Annamyca Jain

Annamyca Jain is an artist based in Bangalore. Annamyca combines various media and focuses on the minimal to bring out the expanse of emotions that run beneath.

Carrie Bradshaw by Annamyca Jain

Discover more of Annamyca’s work here.

                                                                          Pankaj Bhambri

Pankaj Bhambri is a concept artist and animator from Amritsar. His illustrations are a triumph of vivaciousness and often take inspiration from everything pop-culture.

Felonius by Pankaj Bhambri

Discover more of Pankaj’s artwork here.

                                                                            Sonalee Tomar

Sonalee Tomar is a designer based in Goa. She constructs a beautiful and serene landscape that captures the pleasures of solitude.

Swimming With The Stars by Sonalee Tomar

Discover more of Sonalee’s work here.


Sharlene is an artist based in Mumbai. Her art is a representation of the deepest of human emotions.

Hardwired by Sharlene

Discover more of Sharlene’s work here.

                                                                                Pol Ledent

Pol Ledent is an artist based in Belgium. Through his artwork, he provides us with a glimpse into the ethereal.

Artwork by Pol Ledent

Discover more of Pol Ledent’s work here.

                                                                       Shreyas Panduranga

Shreyas got interested in lettering a few years ago and has been falling in love with this form of art since. An avid traveler and explorer, Shreyas believes lettering adds magic to his portraits.

Let’s Go! by Shreyas Panduranga

Discover more of Shreyas’ work here.

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