We wanted to get to know our artists better so we set out finding the tools they keep in their arsenal. A glimpse at their workstations revealed a much needed component to bringing their inspirations to life.

With the right supplies, materials and tools, the realization of art becomes but a simpler process. With all the amazing art around us on Cupick, we’ve tried to shed some light upon an essential part of the process that goes into creating art.

We begin this series by taking a look at the tools used by five of Cupick’s artists. Click on the images to explore more of their work on Cupick.



Alex G. Griffiths is an illustrator and designer based out of London. He’s a self-described daydreamer and a glance at his work lends credit to it. Alex’s work is very approachable. There’s an innocence about it, yet it comes with a deeper sense of meaning when you explore his pieces as a whole.

Observatory by Alex Griffiths
Observatory by Alex Griffiths

Pen and Paper are the tools for Alex and he believes them to be good starting points for any illustrator or designer. His traditional methods bring a whole lot of earthiness to his work, authenticated by his love for nature and the countryside.

Alex’s Workstation and Tools

Visit Alex on Cupick to discover more of his work.


Seok Ji, a young artist from South Korea ponders solitude by delving deep into her mind. Unperturbed by the infinity of her imagination, she embraces its beauty along with its ruthlessness. Her artwork reflects what she feels- attuned to her surroundings, aware of and effortlessly at one with nature.


Inner Part by Seok JI
Inner Part by Seok Ji

Seok Ji works with anything she can get her hands on. Her main tools are her vast collection of pens and photoshop. With no fixed time-period within which she operates, her tools afford her the leisure of losing herself in her thoughts.

SeokJi’s Workstation
SeokJi’s Workstation
SeokJi’s Workstation
SeokJi’s Workstation

Visit Seok Ji on Cupick to discover more of her work.


Detailing and intricate patterns give definition to art, without these accessories art is as good as an empty brush stroke. Param Jain, shows us exactly how patterns come to flow and evolve in his artworks. His impulse to capture the endless creations of nature is clearly mirrored in his artwork. Reverberating an essence of tranquillity and calmness, his style is an elegant treaty between nature and art.

Frida Kahlo by Param Jain
Frida Kahlo by Param Jain

Param uses rotring pens (o.o1 and o.8) to illustrate and enhances his work on Photoshop or Illustrator, if it seems necessary. A continuous supply of coffee is another indispensable tool.

Param’s Workstation and Tools
Param’s Workstation and Tools
Work in Progress

Visit Param on Cupick to discover more of his work.


Arushi Kathuria takes form as Swine Flew in her dreams. She is the master of fluorescents and brave contrasts. She personifies the interstellar with limitless colors and a vivid imagination.You can’t help but drown in its blaze.


Cray Cray by SwineFlew
Cray Cray by SwineFlew

Arushi tends to sit with a blank page or canvas and just let her thoughts flow. Days and may be even weeks go by, until her work nears completion.

Arushi's Workstation and Tools
Arushi’s Workstation and Tools

Visit Arushi/SwineFlew on Cupick to discover more of her work.


Saloni Sinha wanders into immaculately constructed dreamscapes, meandering through its highs and lows, fueled by an insatiable curiosity for adventure. Every vivid detail and every overlooked intricacy, instigates a journey, that only ceases with the familiar. Though Saloni’s artwork depicts alternate worlds with fascination, there’s an underlying sense of belonging, hopeful of finding home amongst the unfamiliar.

Voyager by Saloni Sinha
Voyager by Saloni Sinha

Saloni starts with drawing roughly on Cartridge paper, then inking it with Microtips and  scanning and adding flat colors on Photoshop/Illustrator. She uses a Wacom tablet sometimes for further line shade.

Saloni’s Workstation and Tools
Work In Progress
Saloni’s Work Station and Tools
Saloni’s Workstation and Tools

Visit Saloni on Cupick to discover more of her work.

If you are a registered artist on Cupick, share pictures of your workstation with us and the entire Cupick Community. We would love to get a glimpse of where all the magic happens!


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