We at Cupick are always looking for ways to get to know our artists better so we decided to delve deeper and share experiences of projects our artists have undertaken, be it personal or commercial, present or past.

In a conversation with the folks at Pencilove, Dai Wynn and Alex Griffiths, we get to know more about their experiences with personal and commercial projects, their inspirations, influences and plans for future endeavours.

If you’d like to share your experience related to a personal project, do get in touch with us.


Uday Kumar conceived Pencilove a year ago on 1st August, when it went from being just a few photos in his album to a full fledged design venture.

In Uday’s words, “Coming from a middle class family it was tough to make an unconventional career choice so owing to the rat race, like millions of people I too took up engineering and landed in an MNC. To break out of the mundane life of a 9-5 job of a techie I started back sketching and meeting like-minded people. It’s the amazing people and artists I met during those days inspired me to do something I really enjoy and one fine day I admitted to myself that I am deeply madly in love with my pencil and that’s how PenciLove came to existence.”

Pencilove’s motto has been to change the world one canvas at a time. Uday shares with us, a recent project, that is definitely a testimony to their motto.

Wicked Walls was a project about creating a space for India’s first Luxury bikes rental and adventure Services Company Wicked Ride, based in Bengaluru. Creating a creative space where the actual work of the company takes place and hundreds of bikers/customers visit day in and day out was a challenge in itself.

The Team

Uday along with his friends Amit, Lavanya, Namani formed the design studio 3DC (3 Dudes and a Chic) to take on the Wicked Walls project. The surprising thing about 3DC is, none of them is formally trained in art or has been to design institutes, but that didn’t stop them from learning and doing quality work.

“The love, passion and commitment each one of us shares towards art is what keeps us ticking”, says Uday.

Amit is the super dude and the creative wizard of the team. He was the reason all the members met through a fine arts club. Lavanya is their lucky charm and is the one who came up with the idea of having a team of 4 and starting up as an art collective and Namani is a live wire, the one who keeps the enthusiasm of the group at peaks all the time.

Wicked Walls

Team 3DC visited the Wicked Ride office and were impressed by the setup which they  were presented with; the site was small yet beautiful. After a few hours of brainstorming they decided to go with a biker theme for the entire office.


‘A biker centric theme would depict the entire journey of a prson from being a non-biker, juggling his monotonous life and work where he is entirely juiced out of his life because of the big bad world out there finds his calling and liberation in a bike. Then the design for the office room would take the biker in the person to the next level to get into luxury biking. We had decided to do murals of different aspects of bikes and biking with inspirational quotes on the main wall and that would culminate to the logo wall”,  explains Uday.

3DC at work

The idea of drawing on a wall as a canvas excited each one of the team members. They were inspired by graffiti and  started learning and working on murals, which was a challenge in itself but it gave them the freedom to experiment. In addition to a few residences they have also done murals for office recreation areas and conference rooms of a reputed MNC in Bengaluru.

3DC at Work


Both the client and their customers appreciated their work and they loved it. Their mural was even featured in a newspaper article which covered Wicked Ride.

The Road Ahead

Besides commercial projects, 3DC have undertaken a couple of independent projects where they painted govt. primary schools at the outskirts of Bengaluru in collaboration with an NGO.  Apart from the wall murals they also did a project “Lighting up lives” where they hand painted diyas during Diwali last year, the proceedings of which were donated to an NGO that looks after the underprivileged kids.

The Wicked Walls project for Wicked Ride has been received really well and the 3DC team have been asked to take up the interiors of the future branches of the company in Jaipur and Pune. Currently also under progress is a commissioned wall mural project for a pub: The Local in Bengaluru, with 3DC in talks with the management of the pub for future projects.

On PenciLove’s association with Cupick so far

“The art scene in India is catching up. There are many awesome and talented artists who are bringing a change; thanks to platforms like Cupick which are providing a platform to hundreds of artists like us under one roof and making art accessible to the masses. We believe we can make the world a better place through art one wall at a time. We always look forward to meeting new like-minded people and collaborating to bring about a change”, adds Uday.

 To discover more of Pencilove, follow their work here on Cupick.


Dai Wynn, an Australian artist, paints from recollections of his own travels. Through his art, he lets his appreciators relive their memories too. Dai’s studio is located in Eaglemont at the foot of Mount Eagle, birthplace in 1888 of the renowned Heidelberg School of Art. Founded by Arthur Streeton and Walter Withers, it promoted plein air painting and has latterly been described as the school of Australian Impressionism.

On his current project 

“My ongoing project is to paint the very best images of my experiences in places where many people dream to visit. I believe that a visual artist must strive to capture a fleeting moment in time where Man and Nature conspire to compose a rare masterpiece which may never be seen again.”  affirms Dai.

Dai’s choice of subject matter and composition is a very pleasant experience, since he intends his viewers to see beauty in his works. While he calls himself a “realist”, he tries to avoid photo-realism in his painting process.

My goal is to produce works which up close have a wonderful texture that appears almost “edible”, adds Dai.

In many respects, his ongoing artistic project is a visual diary of his travels. When faced with the problem of potential customers who appreciate my works but somehow cannot see themselves collecting, he has a simple solution, to produce relatively small works relatively quickly. “In this way I can cover a larger number of travel locations, while producing affordable artworks to suit many personal tastes. Something for everyone, if you like”, Dai elaborates.

On his journey through Italy

Dai and his wife travelled around Italy in early November 2006, and joined a bus tour which took them around the well-known historical cities of northern Italy’s Lombardy, Tuscany and Umbria regions, including Milano, Bologna, San Marino, Perugia, Assisi, Firenze, Verona, Padua and Venezia.

This was followed by a second tour of Roma, Napoli, Pompei, Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi and Ravello on the southern Italian coast.

daiwynnblog daiwynnblog1

Not surprisingly, tour companies want to show visitors the older precincts of Italian towns and cities.  So their visits concentrated on the historic inner areas of towns, including churches, walled enclosures, castles, fortifications and market places.  

“As a visual artist, I am surrounded by the patina of age, typified by crumbling building façades, uneven cobbles, verdigris on copper roofs, water-stained walls, moss and lichen on stonework, patched walls, cracked stones, and a kaleidoscope of earthy colours.  Some villages oblige my senses by offering a swathe of badly, but brightly, painted houses.  This is often in evidence in villages by the Mediterranean Sea”, reminisces Dai.

Dai recounts his trip to Venice, which he describes as magical, despite the seething throngs of tourists from around the world.

“Venice has always offered me an almost endless series compositions of elaborate building façades reflected in still canal waters.  The activities of all manner of canal traders offer unceasing fascination.  The lack of streets, and therefore the absence of street traffic, is so refreshing.  Sitting under an umbrella on a canal quay, eating pizza and sipping chianti while watching the world go by, often interacting with cheeky restaurateurs touting for business, is worth several million dollars”, says Dai.

Venice, Sorrento, Ravello and thousands of other tourist magnets in Italy, indeed Europe in general, offer an interesting balance between urban decay and modernity.

daiwynnblog3 daiwynnblog4

“As a visual artist, I love the effects of urban decay.  No surface is flat and uninteresting.  No colour has recently emerged from a paint pot.  You may call it “dirty, dingy, decayed” – I prefer the term “patina of age”, explains Dai.

On the place he would love to visit most in the world

“The east coast of Canada beckons, particularly those places with a French colonial history.  We have previously spent time in Québec and loved it”, says Dai.

To discover more of Dai Wynn, follow his work here on Cupick.


Alex Griffiths, an artist based in London. He’s a self-described daydreamer and a glance at his work lends credit to it. Alex’s work is very approachable. There’s an innocence about it, yet, comes with a deeper sense of meaning when you explore his pieces as a whole. I fell in love with his work the moment I saw it. It’s filled with lovable animals, especially a crafty little fox, nature and this warm feeling of isolation.

On publishing his first book

He recently published his first book of  illustrations, The Middle Of Nowhere. Here’s a little glimpse of it.

“The response has been great, far better than I had expected. I’ve sold nearly 200 books now and orders are still coming, so that’s really pleasing! I’ve also had some great coverage and feedback which has been really flattering as well“, says Alex.

From starting the initial sketches and putting a mock-up together to having it ready for print, Alex confesses say it took almost a year of working in the evenings, weekends and whenever he had spare time. Before starting this project he had been doing more one-off illustrations, but felt that he wanted to push himself further and try to create something more substantial, something with meaning.

On inspiration for his book
Alex finds inspiration in the internal journey’s we all go through in our minds everyday.

You can purchase a copy at Alex’s online store here:

On new projects
Alex confirms, “I am working on a new idea for a children’s book, but that’s a long way off right now. I am trying to experiment more and push my illustration style in a slightly different direction but introducing colour into black and white drawings. It will be a lengthy process but I’m excited to see where I end up.”

To discover more of Alex, follow his work here on Cupick.



  1. @3DC: The evolution of Pencilove into Wicked walls is an example of passion, desire and penchant working in unison. Your relentless work has made this team of four. Keep up the innovative work. All the very best in your future endeavours.

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