Musings: Interview With Barruf

Barruf expresses his desire to connect with nature through his portraits, which speak volumes of the solace that he derives losing himself to nature’s mysteries. A self-taught artist, Barruf displays an innate talent for recognizing and documenting the intricacies of his profound experiences. His work is often delightful, yet he effortlessly draws upon poignancy when he ventures into more serious territory.

In this interview, Barruf speaks to us about  his influences and inspirations, and the surreal experiences that paved the way for his very recent foray into art.


Hello Barruf, it’s a pleasure to have this conversation with you, tell us more about yourself.

Well… I am Cédric Duarri D’Haene, but my artistic name is Barruf. I was born in Manresa, a city near Barcelona in 1985. When I was a child, I was very introvert, shy, disorganized, very curious and a really good student; anyway, I hated doing homework and studying. I wanted to know everything about anything, but I loved to learn by myself. Nowadays, I am a man and I am still very disorganized, curious, and chaotic, but I’ve improved a little bit on my social skills. Illustration, painting and exhibiting my artworks to the public, has given me more confidence and has helped me a lot to lose some of my shyness. The thing I love most is nature; I love to spend time with animals or walking on the forest (mostly alone).  I enjoy drawing and painting a lot, it is my passion, and the way I am choosing to live my life.

English Bulldog With Stonehenge by Barruf
English Bulldog With Stonehenge by Barruf | Cupick

You describe yourself as a self-taught artist. How did you realize that art was your calling?

I realized that art was my calling when I felt the inner need to create very often, like a kind of addiction.  This need to create was born thanks to a set of events: health problems (spinal injury), personal affairs and some surrealistic moments. That happened in 2012, and in 2013 I started to try to make a living from it.

Does your artwork reflect any cultural traits? Do your surroundings inspire your work?

I am interested in the different cultures of the World; My culture is the Catalan; but I don’t know if it is reflected on my artworks consciously.  Anyway, I think that all artworks could have one way or another reflected cultural traits from the subject who created it. My surroundings often inspire me, especially in my abstract artworks, but I use my surroundings to disconnect from my inner world, which is my main source of inspiration.

Ornate Spirituality by Barruf | Cupick
Ornate Spirituality by Barruf | Cupick

Talk us through your creative process. How long does it take you from the moment you form your idea to the moment you complete it?

I am not able to make an average of the time between I get an idea and the moment I complete it; Often I start to work on the idea the same day I have it; but lots of times I work with ideas that I got days or weeks ago (even months). The time of realization depends on many things, like style and technique used and the level of detail, so it can take me between 2h (sometimes less) or 30h (sometimes more). For eg, the average time to finish a detailed illustration (like the dog series ones) is about 12h, if I don’t take into account the time needed to visualize and decide the most important aspects of the design.


Who are your top three favorite artists?

Honestly… I don’t have a top three of favorite artists; I like a wide variety of art styles, and I enjoy them better or worse depending the situation or context. I admire lots and lots of artists, and I could give you a large list of illustrators and painters, dead and living ones.

We’d like to know more about the art scene in Spain. How do you see yourself in it?

I believe Spain has many great artists in all the art branches. But I think that the artistic situation is a little stagnant, and in my opinion it is because the government is not encouraging art and culture properly. I don’t see myself in any artistic scene; I consider I am not an artist prominent enough to see me in the Spanish scene. But who knows, maybe with hard work and time, I will get a little place on it.

God Sun Mask by Barruf
God Sun Mask by Barruf | Cupick

We believe that art acts as a singular platform which every person can relate to, do you agree? Or do you think language can sometimes act as a barrier?

I very much agree, art is for me a platform that allows everyone to express themselves. I think that art can dissolve language and cultural barriers between people.

Are you working on any project at the moment? We are curious to know what’s been up your sleeve.

At the moment I am planning to start a new illustration series and I have a “small” collective project taking form, but I cannot talk about it until the project sees the light on Christmas (if we are lucky and the project is published). This lasts months I’ve been focused on promoting and get feedback of my artworks on exhibitions and art fairs.

Sacred Scarab by Barruf
Sacred Scarab by Barruf | Cupick


How do you manage to divide time between personal projects and commercial work?

I am very chaotic and really bad organizing my time, I tend to do many things at the same time; so I just do what I think is a priority at the moment; but I get bored soon, so I can change my priorities really often in the same day. What is true is that when I get tired of my commercial work, I work on personal artworks to disconnect and relax me.

French Bulldog With Arc de Triomphe by Barruf
French Bulldog With Arc de Triomphe by Barruf | Cupick

What do you think about India and the artists here, if you had the chance to visit this country, where would you want to go first?

I think that India has a very rich artistic heritage and a huge diversity of cultures; India is for me like a symbol of plurality, and this plurality is visible too in the artworks created by Indian artists. If I had the chance of visit India I would like to visit first the state of Gujarat because I would love to visit the Gir Forest Natural Park. Then I would like to visit lots of places… India is Gigantic!

What does success mean to you?

I think that success means to be happy by being oneself.

How important is music in recreating visions off your mind?

I love music but I usually work in silence; music can influence me with the imaginative  and sketching processes, where I am used to listening to music that I feel that fits well with the upcoming design,  but when my hands need to work, silence makes easier for my hands to listen to my mind. When I am doing more repetitive things or finishing the details sometimes I use classical or relaxing music.

According to you, what is your greatest work so far?

This is a hard question; I don’t feel I have any great artwork;  Anyway I have my own tastes and there are some of them that I like more than others;  I feel really comfortable painting abstracts. And if we talk about illustrations, maybe the Horned Tribal Mask or Gentle Pug are my favorites, because they are the firsts of their respective series.

Gentle Pug by Barruf | Cupick
Horned Tribal mask by Barruf | Cupick


If you could wish for one, and only one superpower, what superpower would you chose?

I would chose Healing powers.

If you could give one piece of advice to budding artists, what would that be?

I think I’m not the right person to give any advice to other artists. But anyway, I can explain to them what I try to apply to myself:  “Feed your work with hours every day (if it is possible) and enjoy it.  Do it in your way, and never surrender!”

How has the journey been with Cupick thus far?

I am new on Cupick, but at the moment all I can say are positive things; I’ve received a very nice attention from Cupick team, and I think they work seriously. I think their online platform is very intuitive and there are lots of good and interesting artworks available. I wish that our relationship becomes a success, and both parts can get a good mutual benefit from our work and efforts.

Visit Barruf on Cupick to discover more of his work.


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