The Tools Artists Use: Series 2

With all the amazing art around us on Cupick, we’ve tried to shed some light upon an essential part of the process that goes into creating art.

In this series of workstations and tools, we feature the treasures of five brilliant artists from around the world. Click on the images to explore more of their work on Cupick.



Barruf expresses his desire to connect with nature through his portraits, which speak volumes of the solace that he derives losing himself to nature’s mysteries. A self-taught artist, Barruf displays an innate talent for recognizing and documenting the intricacies of his profound experiences. His work is often delightful, yet he effortlessly draws upon poignancy when he ventures into more serious territory.

French Bulldog with Arc De Triomphe by Barruf

Barruf’s arsenal of tools consists of: graphite pencils, Chinese ink, traditional nib, brush, charcoal, graphitepaper, and Photoshop. His work station at the moment is divided into two small rooms, but he is waiting to get a better place to create and live.

Barruf’s Workstation
Barruf’s Workstation
Barruf’s Inventory
Barruf At Work

 Visit Barruf on Cupick to follow more of his work.



Andy Westface draws upon the indefatigable spirit of friendship, to explore the depth of emotional connections. Through his insights into nature, Andy portrays a universal yearning for companionship, the fulfillment of which infuses life with colour and vivacity. He paints a picture of hope for the eternal and ethereal.

Gray by Andy Westface

Andy mostly uses a pen and sketchbook. Equipped with a laptop and a digital drawing pen, he usually completes his works with Adobe Illustrator.

Andy’s Workstation
Andy’s Workstation
Andy’s Workstation

  Visit Andy on Cupick to follow more of his work.



Sudeepti Tucker, an artist from Delhi explains how art can be beautifully preposterous. She invites you to witness the bold strokes and designs taking life in her artworks. From sailing through space to elsewhere, she doesn’t shy away from letting her mind pick a story from a parallel universe.

Sailing Through Space by Sudeepti Tucker

Sudeepti’s basics are her pencil case, which has one pencil and a whole bunch of colored pens that don’t work. Her brushpen that she partly loves and hates. A bunch of Pigma microns in different sizes. A set of watercolor bricks, brushes and some poscas. Recent additions include a set of Copic markers and a box of 72 inktense blocks that she has been waiting to try out.

Sudeepti's Inventory
Sudeepti’s Inventory

Visit Sudeepti on Cupick to follow more of her work.



She evolves surreal cogitations and mirrors them with a brush on a sheet. Rachna Ravi, a painter from Delhi, turns figments of imagination into intriguing animate stories. We cannot help but witness the fascinating ways Rachna presents her paintings; her ideas unconventional and undeterred.

Bucket List by Rachna Ravi

Rachna most often uses pencils, brushes and poster paints. She uses water colours sometimes, along with ink or acrylics but almost all of the work she does, is in poster paints.

Rachna’s Workstation

Visit Rachna on Cupick to follow more of her work.



Divya Tak is the best of both worlds, having graduated in Quantum Physics and illustrated her way through art. Ever seen an artist effortlessly recreate incorruptible innocence on canvas? Divya’s illustrations are an ode to life’s simple pleasures and an epitome to what we call ‘sugar, spice and everything nice’.

divya tak 5
Say Hello To My Little Friend by Divya Tak

Most of Divya’s artworks are cute and happy. When something catches her fancy, she just puts it to sketch and then transitions it to whatever medium she wants to work in, digital or traditional.

Divya’s Workstation

Visit Divya on Cupick to follow more of her work.

 Discover all these artists and more only at Cupick.


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