10 Artists On Cupick Share Their Thoughts On Success

What is the meaning of success? Curious to know our artists opinions, we asked a few of them to share their thoughts with us. While their views seem to pertain to professional success, mainly that of an artist, there can be no mistake as to it’s importance in the personal sphere.

What does success mean to you? Feel free to share your own thoughts in the comments section.



Mirth by Kokila Bhattacharya
Mirth by Kokila Bhattacharya

Kokila Bhattacharya  was born and brought up in the heart of India, and finds comfort in exploring terrains that she never, ever wants to change. Skeptical of the distorted meaning of development that continues to chomp away the forest covers, she would always want to be away from malls, high rises and the like.

Kokila on Success:

“To be able to resolve internal conflicts through your art, and in that process, help someone find that peace as well.”

Read Kokila’s interview here. Visit Kokila on Cupick to discover more of her work.



French Bulldog With Arc De Triomphe

Barruf, from Barcelona, loves  nature; loves to spend time with animals or walking on the forest. He claims to be disorganized and easily distracted but his artwork never strays from his objective of portraying the nature he so adores.

Barruf on Success:

“I think that success means to be happy by being oneself.”

Read Barruf’s interview here. Visit Barruf on Cupick to discover more of his work.



Papa by Andy Westface

Andy Westface was born and raised in one of the coolest cities in the world- Hong Kong. He drifted through various professions before he finally realized that art was his one and only passion, a medium through which he could spread his positivity.

Andy on Success:

“Success to me means someday, my works can push someone to chase their dreams. I always want to create a world that is full of positive power. In that world, humans and animals can have their own personality and they can pursue their own dreams.”

Read Andy’s interview here. Visit Andy on Cupick to discover more of his work.



Black Fire by Saloni Sinha

Saloni Sinha has grown up all around India which includes some remote places too, thanks to her father being in the army. When she’s not immersed in her art, she’s usually out in the open looking for insects or bird watching and on weekends, plays bass with local musicians in Hyderabad.

Saloni on Success:

“Feeling of satisfaction.”

Read Saloni’s interview here. Visit Saloni on Cupick to discover more of her work.



Kiss by Vishesh Sharma
Kiss by Vishesh Sharma

Born and brought up in Delhi, Vishesh Sharma in addition to being an artist is also a licensed commercial pilot. Through his art, Vishesh gives voice to his daily musings and believes his greatest work so far is his moustache.

Vishesh on Success:

“A better mustache.”

Read Vishesh’s interview here. Visit Vishesh on Cupick to discover more of his work.



Inner Part by Seok Ji

This young illustrator from South Korea is mostly inspired by solitude and human relations, having learned to spend a great deal of time by herself.  It is while exploring herself that she began documenting her thoughts and that’s how her art evolved.

Seok Ji on Success:

“I want to be happy and satisfied with what I do rather than  chase success.”

Read Seok Ji’s interview here. Visit Seok Ji on Cupick to discover more of her work.



divya tak 5
Say Hello To My Little Friend by Divya Tak

Divya Tak is the best of both worlds, having graduated in Quantum Physics and illustrated her way through art. She tries to include the little joys of life in her work. Simple things which give us joy, spark curiosity and make us happy.

Divya on Success:

“Success to me just means taking small steps for growth each day. It just is about the journey, and about exploring a lot of things.”

Read Divya’s interview here. Visit Divya on Cupick to discover more of her work.



deepti rama
Introvert by Deepti Ramakrishnan

There is no room for melancholy in her expression. Deepti Ramakrishnan, a young illustrator from Coimbatore, absolutely adores the sea, which is like a second home to her. Away from the thing she yearns for, Deepti depicts a happy place through patterns and pathways of her imagination.

Deepti on Success:

“Success to me, is knowing that you are getting better everyday. Even the smallest things make a difference. Nailing a perfectly straight line freehand to finishing up an illustration before the deadline I set. That’s what success is. I feel like these small things will build up to larger successes. It’s all about the little things.”

Read Deepti’s interview here. Visit Deepti on Cupick to discover more of her work.



The Dancer by Swineflew

Arushi Kathuria a.k.a Swineflew, studied in an ordinary day school and was the quintessential nerd. In the day she animates and at night she goes home and sketches while eating nutella. From dreaming of reaching the interstellar to recreating it in her artworks, Arushi has brought to life her longing for travel.

Arushi on Success:

“Work satisfaction.”

Read Arushi’s interview here. Visit Arushi on Cupick to discover more of her work.



Bucket List by Rachna Ravi

Rachna Ravi, a painter from Delhi, turns figments of imagination into intriguing animate stories. We cannot help but witness the fascinating ways Rachna presents her paintings; her ideas unconventional and undeterred.

Rachna on Success:

“Don’t know yet.”

Read Rachna’s interview here. Visit Rachna on Cupick to discover more of her work.


Share thoughts of your own in the comments section.





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