20+ Indian Artists Spearheading the Street Art Movement

Street Art is only just finding it’s place in the art community in India and is truly emerging as an art form. We bring to you twenty artists who have greatly contributed to the recent rise in popularity that street art has witnessed.

(This list is in no particular order and is not exhaustive)


Harshvardhan Kadam is an artist whose work is intensely experiential. There’s no surface that he can’t turn into his canvas.He paints walls and animates them vibrantly.He has served as an Art Director for animation and live action films for various production houses across India and has illustrated numerous graphic novels and children’s books.

Mural by Harshvardhan Kadam



Shilo Shiv Suleman is a visual artist with a focus on the intersection of magical realism, art for social change and technology.  She is the founder and director of “the Fearless Collective” that engages with gender issues and art for social change in India.

Mural by Shilo Shiv Suleman



Yantr is an artist with a vision to make socio-political issues accessible to the general public through the medium of street art. Yantr’s work revolves around the complexity of machines and organic forms, mixed together in his signature eclectic style.

Street Art by Yantr



Amitabh Kumar captures the human condition with his distinctive style of art. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, MSU Baroda, has been part of the Sarai Media Lab, Sarai-CSDS (2006-2011) and is an initiating member of the Pao Collective, a Delhi based group of comic book artists.

Street Art by Amitabh Kumar



Daku is one of the most prolific graffiti artists in India. Enthralling the streets of Delhi with his unique aesthetic, Daku merges art, typography and activism to make a long lasting impression. His works have been showcased internationally including venue such as the Centre Pompidou, Venice Biennale, Triennale Design museum.

Graffiti by Daku



Ullas Hydoor is an architect who is in search for the answers through different mediums of art. Currently exploring the worlds of art installations, sculptures, street art, paintings, graphics and illustrations.

Yaksha by Ullas Hydoor



Anpu Varkey graduated from Baroda and London, and had her first solo show in New York in the summer of 2008 following which she moved to Bremen, Germany. During her 2 years stay in Bremen, she had her first brush with street art, which she continued pursuing after she moved to Delhi. She has been making her signature cat stencils since.

Mural by Anpu



Guess Who is an anonymous street artist active in Kochi. He often converges Indian and Western icons to create thought provoking pieces of art.

Street Art by Guess Who



Shunnal Ligade, who is popularly known as ‘The Bathroom Painter”, has painted the streets of Bangalore with artistic masterpieces especially in the washrooms.

Street Art by The Bathroom Painter



Zake, is a graffiti artist based in Mumbai. His artwork is his way expressing his experiences of everyday life.

Graffiti by Zake



Ruchin Soni hails from a family of traditional painters in Gujarat, and was initiated into the world of art during his early childhood when he learnt traditional painting techniques from his parents.He received his formal education in Painting from the M.S.University of Baroda, and specialised in mural painting.

Mural by Ruchin Soni



Flyin Munki is a Goan street artist, illustrator and art director with a repertoire of incredibly bold murals. Sometimes his work includes elements from current social or political happenings.

Street Art by Flyin Munki



Harsh is a self-made artist. His vivid artwork opens the doors to all sorts of colourful experiences.Many of Harsh’s pieces can be seen located across Delhi.

Mural by Harsh Raman
Mural by Harsh Raman



Ranjit Dahiya is a Communication Designer and artist with over 8+ years of experience in various kinds of web, new media and print related projects. Ranjit founded and started the Bollywood Art Project (BAP), a community visual art project dedicated to hand painting famous Bollywood icons.

Mogambo by B.A.P



Mooz is a graffiti artist based in Mumbai, beautifying the streets with his striking work, which combines typography with hand painted forms.

Graffiti by Mooz



Tyler is a Mumbai-based urban / street artist. Hi alias comes from Tyler Durden, the anti-establishmentarian of Chuck Palahniuk’s book Fight Club, which is an attitude that his art often represents.

Street Art by Tyler



Jheel Goradia, a student of Raffles Design International, Mumbai, took up the cause of gender issues in the Indian society and found a unique way to voice her opinion-through street art. The campaign #BreakingTheSilence aims at throwing light on the position of women in Indian society.

Mural by Jheel Goradia



Sam Sam paints because she can. Not very much is known about her except that she has very long name and is a member of the amazing Aerosol Assassins Crew.

Street Art by Sam Sam



The godfather of graffiti in Kolkata, Snik  got into graffiti by observing the graffiti culture when he was in Australia and the influence of  hip hop culture.

Graffiti by Snik



Zine is a street artist based in Delhi. His influences include comic books, toys, graffiti artists like CAN2, Totem2, Saber etc. In his own words, his brother’s nineties rap cassette collection had a major influence on him as a graffiti artist.

Street Art by Zine


If you know any artists that should be on this list, let us know in the comments below.


12 thoughts on “20+ Indian Artists Spearheading the Street Art Movement

  1. I ‘m an Odia artrepreneur, engaged in muralism, street art, and illustration. My painting style is mostly bold, simple, everyday imagery, have vibrant block colors and a modern “hip” feel.
    From an early age I was eager to create and show the world what it means to be different. I started playing with paint during my engineering college days in 2010 and since then everything changed and opened up a new way of experiencing, translating, sharing & being in the world.
    Through my painting I try to interpret a relationship between the still, soundless art and the moving, restless world. Sometimes my art is inspired by the people and sometimes it inspires.
    My professional career as an artist and illustrator began in 2011 when I started working with
    “The Broken Scooter”(webzine) and later joined “The BAM Effect”(Graffiti group) in 2012 which worked actively in Odisha for three years without defacing any public property. Later I started working with the ‘World Comics India’ in 2014, breaking stereotypes and illustrating facts about Northeast India. Soon I began receiving commissions for my artwork, which have continued to grow in scope and size, leading to today’s large-scale murals.
    I’ve painted murals for private residences, to commercial spaces and to educational institutions around Bhubaneswar and Konark as well as in Khurda, Jharsuguda, Delhi and Rourkela.
    I’ve also worked as an illustrator and graphic designer for an impressive list of clients


  2. I am a Delhite and have encouraged children and guests to add to my “stairwell of inspiration.”

    Initial hesitation leads to flamboyant and free expression to the amazement of the impromptu artists.

    Art by the common man. The stairwell takes every one, specially the delivery people, off their rushed pace and every one greets me with a childlike wonderment as I open my door.

    “Fantasia” ensues as I hand them wall paint n brushes and ask for their contribution .


  3. Hey ! guys. Its an honor to have you guys in our society. If anyone of you is willing to come in college festivals to expand the reach of your art to the youth of our country (not talking about small college festivals,can’t mention here everything) then just tell us.


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