Musings: Interview With Shruti Bhagwat

Shruti Bhagwat’s artwork is a celebration all the simple things in life. With a passion for typography and hand lettering, she transforms each one of her artworks into little snippets of joy.

In a conversation with us, Shruti spills all about the start of her artistic journey as an engineer and her eventual foray into art.


Hi Shruti! It’s a pleasure to have this conversation with you! Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am originally from Mumbai. (Born and brought up). After I finished my graduation I moved to Bangalore for my job. Initial days were bit tough in the new city which was completely different to where I come from. (Shops and restaurants shutting at 10 was quiet unique.;)). But I gradually fell in love with Bangalore… it’s weather, the youthfulness of the city and much more.

You started your career as an engineer. How did you find your passion for art?

I grew up in a family where art is worshiped. I always wanted to learn as many art practices as possible. It helped me to express myself. I was thrown out of the class couple of times for doodling while a lecture was on. I became an engineer to be a designer. (I had learnt that you need to be either architect or an engineer to get into masters course of design.)

What do draw inspiration from?

I love to work on human centric concept design. I get inspiration from the situations. I love to find solutions which can make one’s life better. Doodling or making illustrations is like yoga before I start working.

Zodiac Series (Cancer) by Shruti Bhagwat
Bolly-Posters by Shruti Bhagwat

Talk us through your creative process. How long does it take you from ideation to the finished product?

I follow Problem identification, analysis, conceptualization, Iterations and prototyping, User testing as my design process. I spent more time on conceptualization and user testing to make it design proof.

We are eager to learn about the tools you use, give us a quick preview of your inventory.

For illustrations I use pen, crayons, pencils (color as well as lead), sketch pens, calligraphy tools (nibs, brushes) scanner, camera, color papers anything which can be used for creating art..

Papers: news print paper is my fav.

Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, In design, MS- Paint

Would you mind letting us have a peek at your work station?

Shruti’s Workstation
Shruti’s Workstation
Shruti’s Workstation

How effective do you think art is, as a tool for community engagement? Is there any particular artwork/project by an artist that has had a profound influence on you?

Art is originates from heart and soul. To bring about revolution or new thoughts in the community you need to find a purpose and art can help you find that. Every individual is born with some sort of art. It is instinctive.

I love illustrations by R.K. Laxman he has extraordinary way of depicting situations.

Groom and Bride by Shruti Bhagwat

What keeps you busy? We would love to know more about the projects you’re currently working on/ would like to work on.

Dreams.. I dream a lot even with my eyes open. I visualize stuff … That keeps me occupied through the day.. I am currently working on publication design.I am making a book for the common man to understand climate changes. Working on illustration for the book as well.. It’s fun.

Procrastination- how would you define your relationship with it? And how do you deal with it?

Procrastination umm..

If you make up for all the delays, you might get away with keeping someone waiting.

What is the one thing that keeps you going?

Love for art.

Ahimsa by Shruti Bhagwat

Name top three influential artists off your mind.

My work is majorly influenced by Mario Miranda’s style. I worship Mario Miranda, R. K. Laxman, Achyut Palav. From current designers I love Kirti monga’s work. I am also a big fan of Deelip khomane’s work.

What is your most favorite work thus far?

It’s a project I did in my final year at design school. It was for nurses.(brief about the project)

Nursing Made Easy

The time an individual arrives at a health care premise seeking clinical care, to the time they get attended by an appropriate medical health practitioner, a perception of the healthcare environment on the part of patient/ their families have a potential to affect their perception of the quality of care. Thus the brand experience becomes critical.

The one of the key stakeholders in the healthcare system is a Nurse. The nurses are involved in many activities and a majority of their time is supposed to be dedicated to a patient’s health care. They are involved in administering food and nutrition, Mother and Child Care, scheduling and implementing (neo natal care) perinatal care, Immunization in the health care premises etc. they are also sought to be partners in day to day administration viz. billing, discharge summary, etc.

The critical point to be noted from the above is that a patient’s well-being is hinged and pivoted on a nurse’s work life balance. A stressed eco system can adversely impact the professional acumen that the nurses are expected to bring forth.

There is lack of empathy for the person who is expected to provide empathy.

This project is about empowering the nurse. This project used a multi-disciplinary approach of design to achieve work-life balance of a nurse and change the perception of nurses and nursing.

Among my other artworks, my favorite is the Ear- Rings project. It was a fun project with a lot of improvisation.

The Ear-Rings Project
The Ear-Rings Project
The Ear-Rings Project
The Ear-Rings Project
The Ear-Rings Project

We learned that you love road trips. If you were given a chance to visit a place you’ve not explored yet, where would you go?

I am waiting to go to the North-East. I haven’t been there and I want to witness the beauty of nature and paint sitting there.

What about music? How influential is it while you work at getting a creative output, oh and- let us have a peek at the top songs in your playlist right now.

Classical and ghazals in the evenings but in the morning I love energetic songs.

What’s the most dangerous thing that appeals to you?

Chasing a deadline.

Zodiac Series (Aries) by Shruti Bhagwat

If you could give one piece of advice for aspiring artists reading this right now, what would that be?

Don’t bind yourself with repetitive styles. Anything you do becomes your style.

How has the journey with Cupick been thus far?

The journey has been really nice so far.. I am loving the way you guys are helping new artist and designers to come forward. It is an enormously proud feeling to have your work recognized.


Visit Shruti on Cupick to check out more of her work.

Her artwork is also available at Kalakariyaan.


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