The 2016 Limited Edition Art Calendar is here!

Preorder the Cupick 2016 Limited Edition Art Calendar

We’re extremely thrilled to announce that the Cupick 2016 Limited Edition Art Calendar is now available for pre-order. We’re happy to have partnered with Wacom and Corel who play a pivotal role in the creative ecosystem.

Sometime in November, we decided that we needed to get artists together to create something that would allow for multiple creative perspectives to meet and connect. With 2016 around the corner, we realized a calendar would allow us to not just realize a collaboration, but to create a product that was special.

A call of applications saw 235 entries from talented artists around the world. 12 artists were selected and assigned a month each to create a spread. No theme was assigned although most artists incorporated elements of the season into their work. The 2016 Limited Edition Art Calendar is one of kind; a collab that explores creative expression.

Take a look at each spread, the artists who created them and the story behind each piece.


Saloni Sinha is a dreamer by day, an insect connoisseur at dusk, bassist on weekends, and a designer by profession.

January by Saloni Sinha
January by Saloni Sinha

“After your deep slumber of 2015, wake up to a bizarre planet in 2016.  You could live in your sedimented castles and fly in shuttles. The vents, fissures and the grotesque vegetation could be fatal, so make sure you put on your space suit and explore this place. Welcome to the new beginning; you could go back to earth after this month.”

Find Saloni at



Alex G Griffiths is an aspiring children’s book illustrator from London UK who likes to use traditional pen and ink drawings combined with simple digital techniques to tell weird and thought-provoking stories. Alex is currently working on creating his first children’s book having released a black and white comic titled ‘The Middle Of Nowhere’ earlier in 2015. See more of his work at

February by Alex Griffiths
February by Alex Griffiths

“As an illustrator I try to evoke certain feelings and thoughts by creating moods and atmospheres within my drawings. This illustration titled ‘Tell me it’s real’ is meant to capture innocence, isolation and a desire to look beyond what we have in front of us.”

Find Alex at



Meroo Seth is a Graphic Designer trained at the MIT Institute of Design, Pune. She loves illustrations, vectors, bright colors, typography and likes designing detailed, creative and modern illustrations.
She is spontaneous when it comes to illustrations and really loves the way they build up somehow better than her imagination. She likes trying out different styles and while doing so, she creates something totally new. She is a designer whose heart beats for creative aesthetic.
March by Meroo Seth
March by Meroo Seth

“Spring begins from March, a season that comes after winter bringing happiness and freshness all around. I have tried to show how the season is so beautiful, pleasant and serene in itself through this playful vector style. Beautiful bees and butterflies fluttering around flowers. The whole scene is playful in nature. The whole idea of how animals awaken with birds chirping happily and  how the earth comes to life again. I am welcoming spring and the new growth it brings in more ways than one.”

Find Meroo at



Santanu Hazarika is an engineering dropout and the reigning Red Bull World doodle art champion who gave in to the surreal subconscious mind. He is a self taught artist and his illustrations are mostly inspired by a surrealistic and symbolic approach to nature and science. Santanu is a spiritual person who is heavily influenced by Hindu mythology (the vedas and the tantras), the philosophical interpretations and the subjective reality portrayed in them, starting from the tiniest of atom to the infinite cosmos. Metaphoric symbols and psychedelia can also be seen in his works. He mostly does detailed works, which are highly intricate and rely on constant improvisation at every step, taking inspiration from the subconscious.

April by Santanu Hazarika
April by Santanu Hazarika

“In my culture April is associated with  rejuvenation , rebirth and fertility . It is the season of the bloom, the season of spring. As you can see there is a hand reaching out for the cosmos, coming out from a reel of fabric. The cosmos, confined inside a spiral conch shell, the stars and the planets, controls the seasonal transition and we reach out to them to understand the seasons. The hand is wrapped and restricted by the fabric of time and space floating in an undefined blankness. This hand symbolizes us , the human race. This reel keeps on turning and as we move down, we reach the material world forged by us and nature. Preserved by the natural cycle of seasons and the cycle of life and death. A female figure sits amused and intoxicated, she is fertility , she is what ties us to this cycle of life and death.

And this time the reel has turned to the season of birth and fertility. And as we move down , there is an explosion of flowers blooming. It’s spring, it’s vibrant and full of life. A beautiful chaos born out of rebirth and fertility.”

Find Santanu at



Anoop Bhat is an architect and a freelance illustrator currently living in Bangalore, India. Born in Mangalore, he studied at the Sir J. J. College of Architecture, Bombay. He spends his weekends drawing illustrations for gig posters, album covers and t-shirts. He works in pen and ink. Most of his works explore a variety of textures and patterns from the natural physical world. He is currently exhibiting some of his work across the UK as a part of the ‘Self Help’ Art Tour, a travelling exhibition by Cats and Bats – an art collective from the UK.

May by Anoop Bhat
May by Anoop Bhat

“I spent most of my summers as a child at my grandma’s in Mangalore. The house had a huge garden with a variety of fruit trees and flowering plants. It was the place where I first ate a fruit or saw a flower bloom. This piece is an extension of that memory – my Mangalore summers.”

Find Anoop at



Sudeepti Tucker, a graduate from the National Institute of Design, is a Delhi-based graphic designer and illustrator. Her work is a lively mix of colour palettes, visual styles and themes that jump across music, mythology, nature and the mind. She finds herself happiest while lost in details.

June by Sudeepti Tucker
June by Sudeepti Tucker

“June is a delightful month, somewhere between the pastels of spring and the pop of summer. Meant to spend long perfect afternoons by the pool, lazing under the sun, smiling to the scent of citrus and ice creams, days like these make June what it is, the sweetest reminder to breathe easy.”

Find Sudeepti at



Kritika Trehan is a visual communicator from Bangalore who is constantly in awe of her surroundings and usually takes most inspiration from the rich visual culture of India. She hopes to someday archive the vernacular culture the country has to offer. She loves playing with colours in her work and likes to experiment with various illustration styles. Apart from design, she loves to travel and hopes to do a project where she can integrate the two.

July by Kritika Trehan
July by Kritika Trehan

“The first thing that came to mind when I thought of July was obviously the monsoons. Instead of depicting the usual puddles, umbrella and rains I decided to choose the feel of the season. All I personally like to do during the rains is just wrap myself into various layers of blankets and sleep. Hence, the imagery. I used the monotone palette as it helped to depict the mood of the season more effectively.”

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To madness – is a strange reality that she lives in. The rains are her first love, which often leads to a trail of thoughts that takes the form of a woman on paper. She tends to personify rains as a juxtaposition of man and woman – of the yin and the yang, of being soft and rough, of being calm and wild. She also tends to drift from one thought to another at quite a rapid rate – there is just so much to perceive in the chaos around us. Eyes, for Sonika, are an obsession, and she cannot exaggerate on this enough – staring at people has often resulted in relatively awkward situations for her.

August by Sonika Sil
August by Sonika Sil

“August – through this I’m trying to capture the core of August through a person – a month of metamorphosis, of change, of lemons and the month of Leo, of fallen leaves, of green and orange and everything warm, wet and dry – of  the breeze trickling in, warm scents of peaches, calm and a strange exuberant serenity – A peaceful sweetness of knowing the inevitable end maybe near – to grow again, soon.”

Find Sonika at



Sandhya Prabhat is an independent animator/illustrator from Chennai, India and a graduate of the NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Asia with an MFA in Animation and Digital Arts. Her work can be seen at

September by Sandhya Prabhat
September by Sandhya Prabhat

“An attempt to capture a September monsoon for the calendar, turned a humble dedication to the incredible spirit of my city Chennai, as witnessed in December 2015, during the floods.”

Find Sandhya at



Arushi Kathuria is an animator and illustrator based in Mumbai, India. She works at MTV India. When she’s not working, she’s making GIFs. She loves nutella and everything neon 🙂

October by Arushi Kathuria
October by Arushi Kathuria

Find Arushi at



Reuben Bhattacharya has over a decade of experience in illustration and graphic design for advertising, fashion, media and music. Well-known in the metal community as the bassist of Delhi-based metal band Undying Inc, he is also a highly sought-after visual artist who creates album art, posters and merchandise for metal bands under the moniker Visual Amnesia.

November by Reuben Bhattacharya
November by Reuben Bhattacharya

Find Reuben at



Jake Giddens is a U.S. based illustrator, whose work has appeared on album covers, in magazines, kids books, animations, galleries, and more. His work can be seen online at

December by Jake Giddens
December by Jake Giddens

“A tigress makes her way through the transitioning seasons, as she becomes transformed by nature herself.”

Find Jake at

Pre-order your copy on Cupick

Preorder the Cupick 2016 Limited Edition Art Calendar


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