15 Of Our Favourite Gifs By Artist And Musician Phazed

Jean Francois Painchaud, better known as Phazed, is a Canadian musician and animator, famous for his psychedelic erotic GIFs.

We have been following his work for a while and wanted to share the very intriguing story behind his rise to popularity, along with some of our favourite Phazed gifs.

Jean had been actively sharing his gifs on social media for almost two years, and had received very little recognition. Facebook decided to ban several of his animations, to which he expressed his frustration and gained a massive following thereafter on Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook.

In an interview with VICE Colombia, the artist explained, “Soon after I started posting my art online, I found out that there are people out there who are very sensitive when it comes to the female body. Some get particularly upset when they see a nipple. No matter how much I censor my work, I still get reported. It’s ridiculous. So, whenever they take down my art or censor me, I make a big deal out of it, hoping that we might be able to change this culture of incessant censoring over time. That’s the main thing I learned from practicing Judo – to use whatever people throw at me, against them.”

This compilation features some of our favourite gifs by Jean and are perfectly safe to be viewed at work.
















Check out more artwork by Phazed on Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr.


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