Musings: Interview With Neha Sharma

Self-taught artist Neha Sharma, eases into hilarity with her quirky doodles. Her drawings bring to life everything cute, fun and quintessentially Indian, with a little sarcasm thrown in for dramatic effect.

Inspired by cartoons and her own scribblings, Neha ventured into art after a short career as a chartered accountant. She is currently doodling away as a freelancer in Delhi. We caught up with her recently for little chat.

Hello Neha, it’s a pleasure to have this conversation with you, tell us more about yourself.

Hello. I am Neha Sharma, an illustrative designer based in New Delhi.  I make doodles for a living. So I wasn’t always into drawing and making cartoons. Even when I was a kid my cartoons were restricted to the back of my notebooks and I had absolutely no idea nor any intention of taking that skill any further. So when I quit a career in chartered accountancy to pursue illustration it was a shock to my family as well as to me.

We learned that you are a self-taught doodler. How would you describe your journey towards becoming a freelance artist?

I’d describe it as VERY challenging but also very enriching. Being self taught means you are starting from the very scratch. And often I have learnt things the hard way. From having clients not paying me enough to people fooling me by the technical jargon I’ve been through it all. But those lessons are for a lifetime.

Is there any particular theme you have in mind when you approach your art?

Not exactly. I usually draw with nothing particular in mind and then try to make sense of it.

Posh by Neha Sharma

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Potty Aa Rhi Hai by Neha Sharma

Tshirts, prints, notebooks and more available here.

Talk us through your creative process. How long does it take you from the moment you form your idea to the moment you complete it?

I have doodles that did not take more than half an hour and I have drawings that have taken more than 3 days (with pee breaks and 4 hour sleep gaps). It’s usually the idea that takes up most of my time. The drawing usually happens faster.

Familiarize us with the tools you use to get the desired output; we would also love to have a glimpse at your work station. 

Apart from the basic stationery something I absolutely love working with are Copic Markers. They give a totally new feel to my art. When I am drawing digitally I use a Graphic Tablet. Though I have used a mouse for a really long time in the past, it’s more about the software when drawing digitally than the tools.

Do you remember the first thing you ever drew?

I do not remember the first thing I drew but I do remember that my initial doodles ( during boring science classes) in school were about songs. I used to pen down lyrics of Enrique’s and Akon’s song and doodle around them. I was quite a wannabe in school, I know.

Are there any artists who have influenced you significantly?

LittleMissPaintbrush, LunarBoon, OwlTurd and The Awkward yeti are some artists whose works inspire me immensely. Also Garbage Bin. I love how his brain works.

Nakli Prada by Neha Sharma

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There is a certain Miss Champa we came across on your facebook page, who you’ve described as your alter-ego. How did that come about?

I always used to say that my spirit animal would be a cow. Since I am very lazy. I think that thought somehow led to Miss Champa.  She is also my imaginary friend.

Are you working on any projects currently? We’d love to know more about your work.

I am currently working on some product illustrations and a magazine project. The product illustrations require me to make prints related to dogs so currently my life is pretty amazing.

What does success mean to you?

Success for me simply is to achieve a goal. For me those goals are usually related to working with a particular brand, buying a certain gadget and being financially independent.

How important is music in recreating visions off your mind?

To be honest, not very. I cannot draw when I am listening to music. I like to give situations and events my 100% attention. So when I draw, I draw and when I am listening to music I am ONLY listening to music.

So Hot by Neha Sharma

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Lueee Vatton Wala Attitude by Neha Sharma

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According to you, what is your greatest work so far? 

According to me I haven’t done my greatest work yet. I always look at my drawings and feel like I can do so much better than this.

Procrastination, what is your relationship with it? How do you deal with it?

Oh gosh. Procrastination is my obsessive boyfriend that just won’t leave. I procrastinate so much that it’s not even funny. I am still figuring out a way to deal with it but mostly it involves my half-ass attempts to motivate myself by doing some hand written planning and defining goals and deadlines.

If you could wish for one, and only one superpower, what superpower would you chose?

Definitely time travel.

If you weren’t an artist, what do think you would be doing?

I’d be a pathetic Chartered Accountant with a 9-5 job.

Be Who you Want To Be by Neha Sharma

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If you could give one piece of advice to budding artists, what would that be?

Always take criticism in good spirit. Criticisms will help you grow much more than appreciation. Also enjoy the process  of making art.

Lastly, how has the journey been with Cupick thus far?

Cupick has helped me connect with other illustrators and follow some like-minded people. That is always a plus for me.


Check out more of Neha’s artwork at


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